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Mobile Phone Recycling Development

We are industry leaders in mobile phone recycling development and have produced many successful recycling systems that are generating large sales revenues for our clients.

Our mobile phone recycling clients are some of the most successful in the industry and have been dominating the internet for the last few years. Many are enjoying this success internationally across multiple countries simultaneously, trading over £50k worth of phones per day through our industry leading recycling software.

How Can Visor Solutions Help?

Our team of web developers are well-versed in creating complex bespoke mobile recycling websites.

We have the development and commercial experience necessary to support your business, helping you to make the most out of the mobile device recycling industry.

Key Features of Recycle Development

  • Barcode generation for simple actions and customer updates
  • IMEI support with the ability to search for an order by IMEI
  • Automatic customer emails for different order statuses
  • Different condition phones e.g. working, non-working & new
  • CheckMEND integration to check for stolen phones (UK only)
  • Ability to recycle not just phones, but any gadgets
  • Automatic mobile phone price comparison integration
  • Automatic reminders sent to the customer after 7 and 14 days
  • Control products including prices, phone models etc.
  • BACS and cheque CSV reports for easy payments
  • Ability to batch print all orders/labels/letters
  • Automated customer email of change in price
  • Manage all devices in a spreadsheet for regular upload
  • Built-in device grading and labelling

Not all of the above features are required for every project, but we want to explain the more common requests that we receive for this type of price comparison development.

How The Recycling Process Works

  1. Order Placed & Email Sent
    An order is placed by a customer online & an email notification is sent to the customer confirming their welcome pack will be received.
  2. Print Info & Send Welcome Packs
    A letter and barcode can be printed from the admin panel in batches. Simply place in a jiffy bag and send to the customer.
  3. Customer Receives Welcome Pack
    When the customer receives the pack, they simply place the item for recycling into the jiffy bag, stick the barcode sticker on.
  4. Returned Pack is Received
    On receipt, the administrator only has to scan the barcode so the system can find the order and automatically email the customer to notify them.
  5. Administrator Checks The Item
    Grade the device using your system, then simply scan the barcode again and the system will notify the customer of a pending payment.
  6. Pay The Customer
    Process the customers payment by Cheque or BACS (using CSV Export). Scanning the barcode again will notify the customer of payment.

If you'd like to learn more, contact one of our experts and we can arrange a system walkthrough, to show you how powerful our recycling solutions actually are. We’re confident that we can streamline your business, reduce your costs and automate most of the processes involved with device recycling.

Additional Systems and Features

Our mobile recycling websites are only the start of our capability in the recycling industry. We have a number of additional powerful systems and features that can be used in conjunction with our mobile recycling websites, in order to support and aid your business, enabling you to maximise your profits.

All of these optional systems can be bolted on to your website at any time:

Stock Module

Accurately track and manage your stock, allowing your website to know what stock you have purchased, what you have sold and run advanced stock holding reports.

Retail Module

Buy and sell devices in a physical retail location and control the retail stock, margins and order management through your main recycling system.

Marketplace Module

Automatically synchronise your stock holding with major marketplaces like: eBay, OnBuy and Amazon. Select devices you wish to list.

Sales Module

Manage the re-sale of your devices, create sales invoices, control your margins and see accurate profit and loss across your purchases and sales.

eCommerce Module

Synchronise your stock into your own eCommerce website(s) and allow your orders to come back through your central stock management system.

Customer Service Module

Allow your support team to access order information, take customer notes and manage customers through the recycling process.


If you're looking for a professional web development company, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced development consultants.