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Penny Auction Development

Penny auction websites have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many of our clients are experiencing overwhelming success and are currently dominating the penny auction industry. The penny auction concept is to provide an alternative to traditional auction websites where a customer can get more expensive items for a significantly reduced cost. Typically this type of project would allow the customer to bid on an auction in one penny increments, but charge a fee for each bid placed.

This keeps the total item cost low, whilst ensuring a healthy profit margin on each item. We have a huge amount of experience in this market creating some of the most successful penny auction websites in the industry.

How Can Visor Solutions Help?

The Visor Solutions team will work with you to create each aspect of your penny auction system, tailored specifically to your business needs.

This will cover everything from the bidding experience for your users to unique branding and styling, creating a system that allows you to stand apart from your competition.

Our strategic project planning combined with our reliable back-end administration development helps to place our clients in a strong position against their competitors, and helps them to generate large sales or commission revenues, exceeding their initial expectations.

Visor Solutions can provide consultancy and advice on the best strategy to take to ensure your comparison business generates revenue and provides the right services for your target audience. We have also built comparison projects internationally, in various languages and currencies.

Key Features of Penny Auction Development

  • Online payment gateway integration with any payment gateway you require, typically Paypal, NoChex or Stripe.
  • Automatic bidding system that allows the user to queue up bids for live auctions, or schedule them for future auctions.
  • Automatic bid reserve function; if bid minimum is not hit, automatically extend the time until the reserve has been met.
  • Easy-to-use administration console where you make changes to your credit packages including discounts and promo codes.
  • Advertise past auctions giving the customer access to statistics and patterns when placing bids, which promotes repeat business.
  • Rolling auctions that extend the finish time when bids are placed in the last few seconds of an auction, creating urgency.
  • Advanced reports of user and sales statistics, helping you make better business decisions with analytical information and statistics.
  • Create promotions and showcase auctions on the homepage, or run special discounts on bid packages.

Not all of the above features are required for every project, but we want to explain the more common requests that we receive for this type of price comparison development.

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