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Auction Website Development

Would you like to take advantage of a growing online industry? We take the stress and cost out of launching an auction website. We can provide a unique selling community for your industry or sector, where buyers and sellers have a central marketplace to conduct transactions.

Having created and launched numerous successful auction websites, we can help you to maximise your return on investment.

The team at Visor Solutions have created a wide range of auction website development services and have built many custom and unique features which enable our clients to stand out from the competition.

Reverse Auction Development

The traditional auction business has now expanded to reverse auction models and solutions. These are slightly different from Unique Bid Auction Development, which is based on the lowest unique bid being the winner. Reverse auctions can be used to allow third-parties to bid for services offered to your customers, consequently starting a price war on your auction website - which is the art of a reverse auction. With prices being driven down, this reverse auction model has been very successful over the past few years and has been used for all types of industry: auto spares, whisky, financial services, estate agents, solicitors, sheet metal supply and more! The concept can be adapted to any niche product or service and gives your customers the opportunity to drive down the price of their desired service or product.

Auction Development and Reverse Auction Development

  • Product and auction management console where users or admin can mange products and listings, controlling all required information.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use product management allowing you to easily add and edit products or export them to Excel.
  • Advanced search functionality and filters, allowing the customer to specify additional criteria when comparing items.
  • Repeat-order credit card token system, allowing sellers to list items without having to enter all payment details again.
  • Simple, easy-to-customise charging structure for users or products of the site and free trial periods (if required).
  • Easy-to-use admin console that allows you to keep track of bids placed, auctions won, prices, user history and more.
  • Online payment integration with any payment gateway you require. We support many different gateways and providers.
  • Analytics and statistics empowering you to make healthy business decisions and ensure that your site is profitable.
  • 100% secure and protected system with encryption and SSL integration, ensuring customer/seller peace of mind.

Not all of the above features are required for every project, but we want to explain the more common requests that we receive for this type of auction development.

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