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Website Development

We bring ideas to life! We are extremely experienced at website development and focus on creating industry leading projects.

Visor Web Solutions is an industry leading website development company. We can build anything that you might need because nothing is impossible. We are a team of expert and highly experienced web developers and we produce exemplary development projects for our clients, ranging from price comparison development to stock management system development. We are also very competent with integrations, feeding systems, tracking solutions, invoicing, marketplaces and financial services development.

Understanding your individual requirements is the first step to creating an effective web development project. We understand that no two projects are the same, so by analysing your requirements and understanding the benefits to your business, we can work with you to define clear goals and structure your development plan accordingly.

Our expert web developers will then create the most efficient solution, meeting your needs and ensuring you achieve your long-term goals or targets.

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How Can Visor Web Solutions Help You?

We like to establish long-term relationships with our clients, not only providing a fantastic website development service but also providing you with additional beneficial services such as website marketing, support and training.

We are also highly skilled at software integration, so if you already have existing supporting systems in place that are crucial to your operation, we can configure your proposed solution to integrate with these systems to reduce your overall administration.

This will create a smooth and effortless experience for your company and your customers.

No matter what industry your organisation is a part of, no matter what size you are, or whether you are a start-up, long established business, non-profit organisation, or a public institution; Visor Web Solutions can produce the ideal website development solution for you and support your web development requirements for the long-term - as we are committed to the success of our clients.

How We Develop Our Websites

At Visor Web Solutions we offer industry leading bespoke software development. We start by listening to how your business actually works and design a bespoke website that works around your exact needs, specifically for your business and the way you need to work.

The result of such thought-out website development is reduced administration, speedier processes, happier staff, happier customers, and a happier bottom line. Your software would be logical and natural to the business, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Our Website Development Process:

  1. 1. Listen To the way your business runs, the problems that you face and the processes you currently have and desire.
  2. 2. Plan We create a written specification, for a solution that will optimise your business and your administration.
  3. 3. Develop We build the solution based on the agreed specification, and test at ALPHA stage ready for review.
  4. 4. Review We launch the website to BETA for you to review and test, almost ready for launch.
  5. 5. Launch We launch your website software to the live environment, ready for live use by your business.
  6. 6. Support We support you and maintain your software to ensure that your business is always benefiting.

The Development Team

Our Website Development Team

All of our projects are built in-house by our experienced team of website developers. We outsource absolutely nothing and focus on quality, reliable and efficient web development.

Throughout the project we will provide you with an account manager who will be able to support you through the development process. Even after the system has launched, we pride ourselves on building solid and lasting relationships with our clients and offer comprehensive support solutions.

We aim to keep our website development solutions at the top of our industry, so that we can help our clients reach and remain at the top of theirs. We guarantee high quality and reliable services offered by experienced web developers. Contact Us to discuss your development project.

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Web Development

We are experts at PHP development and are competent with the following technologies: Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, SQL Anywhere (SyBase), MySQL Enterprise Edition, XML, XSL/T, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Java and Oracle.

If you're looking for a professional web development company, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced development consultants.

Web Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML 5, CSS 3, Ruby, Java, ASP.Net

Some Typical Web Development Solutions

We have experience developing all types of projects, but a range of our regularly provided web development solutions are summarised below:

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