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Support & Maintenance Packages

At Visor Web Solutions we don't just build websites and software systems, we support businesses.

Our aim is to provide you with an efficient and reliable support service that enables us to keep your systems up-to-date, backed-up and secure at all times. We continuously update your website or software system, and ensure that all and any bugs, software glitches and faults are repaired without any unexpected costs to your business.

We also offer support plus maintenance contracts, which include discounted monthly hourly rates, so that you can benefit from regular website updates and a priority site-update service.

Our support packages are feature rich and we have a dedicated support team on-hand to prioritise your requests. Rest assured that you are a priority to our business.

Feel free to discuss your support options with us directly by Contacting Us.

Other Benefits Of Our Support And Maintenance

Our support agreements are optional but many of our clients sign up, in order to:
  • Protect their growing business and growing sales revenue from losses due to faults
  • Avoid the risk of losing money from customers as software goes out-of-date
  • Ensure customers have the best possible user experience when visiting their site
  • Prevent hackers and attackers from exploiting common security weaknesses
  • Have peace of mind that website data and all information is backed up daily
  • Gain a dedicated telephone support team, on-hand when they are needed most

Our Support Packages Include:

Essentials Security Updates

We will automatically update PHP versions, server software or monitor for known security risks and resolve them as a priority over all other work.

Telephone Support & Assistance

Telephone training, new staff training, and business-hours assistance are all here for you, with a dedicated support team on hand when you need it most.

Website & Server Error Fixes & Updates

Ensure your system is working perfectly for the lifetime of your business. We keep your site working no matter what needs updating or improving.

Secure Daily Data Backups

We will backup all of your valuable data every 24 hours, including your databases, transaction information and design, so you always have a safety net.

Server & Third Party Software Updates

We update third-party software such as CMS modules, search SOLR modules, frameworks and your integrations or plug-ins to keep you running smoothly.

Discounted Hourly Rates

You will benefit from discounted hourly and daily rates for all work that you need outside of your support agreement, as a valued support client.

Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that you'll never face a surprise expense, with Visor Web Solutions's support packages. Contact Us to get started.

Support Plus Maintenance Packages

Support and Maintenance All-In-One Package Includes (In Addition To Above Services):

Website Text Edits

Your website text can be updated regularly to keep your site fresh, interesting and relevant.

Website Graphic Updates

Your website graphics and images can be updated regularly to ensure your site looks stunning.

Seasonal Designs

Take advantage of seasonal sales periods and promotions, with graphic design on hand.

Website Banner & Promotion Updates

Keep your website looking appealing with new banners, or promotional graphics when you need.

Support Pricing

Get a quote for a support & maintenance agreement

We charge a fixed rate monthly fee for our support agreements, which start from £49 per month and Support Plus Maintenance from £109.00, depending upon the features and functions of your website or software.

Please Contact Us to get an accurate quotation or to discuss the benefits to your business.

Contact Us For Details

Contact Your Account Manager for more information on our support services and the best options for you and your business.


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